Thelonious Monk – It’s Monk’s Time (1964)

“The loss in articulation can be ascribed to the notions I am at pains to express.” (original liner note) After being shamed by a friend for my rock philistinism (“you should like, you know, listen to more jazz, man”) I wisely took the known path back to Monk. (My revisitation caused a minor panic which … More Thelonious Monk – It’s Monk’s Time (1964)

Hölderlin – Hölderlins Traum (1972)

“Have we not been here once before in this wonderland?” This isn’t the first time I’ve got myself into trouble puttering around Discogs, but still a rare occasion that I take an algorithmically-generated “recommendation” and run with it. No doubt I was browsing some Krautrock thing, took a listen to this first Hölderlin album, and … More Hölderlin – Hölderlins Traum (1972)