45 Records Per Year. Since records are the closest thing I’ve got to a hobby, I thought I might engage with the collection in a new way—that is, listen and write about what I’m hearing in pretty much the running time of the record (allowing just a bit more to finesse as needed). I intend to pull my favorites and remember why I love them, others to figure out why I have them, and some at random. Why “45”? Well, for the most part these will be albums, but I figured this number would cover about one per week, and cut myself a bit of slack if I miss one. Another reason: I’m approaching a 45th revolution of my own, and I’ve thought about doing this for too long already. Finally, there’ll be some “bonus” 45s here and there too. I’m not a music writer, audiophile or scholar, just a wannabe obscurist who’ll still take Dylan over most anything, aiming to articulate why these things are meaningful to me.

Some terms:

top ten – hyperbolic designation sure to exceed 10 records

black sheep – records undervalued by their creator(s) and/or fanbase

new to me – first listen at time of writing

Hollywood harmonica – soulless, high-register harp playing, usually accompanying good ol’ boy hijinks in TV and movies, which has no place on records