Skip Bifferty (1967)

“feeling strange vibrations in my spine…” Usually words come more readily while listening, but I had a feeling that this was going to be a slippery one. It’s a record that miraculously just works for being as idiosyncratic as it is. After 20 years of listening, there remains something oddly unpredictable about it, making the … More Skip Bifferty (1967)

Wayne Rogers – Constant Displacement (1999)

“Try, if you can there’s so much to know and more to understand” No, not the dearly departed Trapper John from M*A*S*H, but the precocious teenage genius behind the decidedly un-paisley 80s psych band Crystalized Movements. He began making solo albums after that band’s demise, continued to do so through his time leading the dreamier … More Wayne Rogers – Constant Displacement (1999)

Eternal Tapestry – Beyond The 4th Door (2011)

It’s not often that I let new acquisitions go ‘still sealed’ for long, but this one got away from me after finding it in the day-after-Record Store Day bin last April. An old friend of mine—who incidentally lived in a Portland house with one of these guys—turned me on to them saying “you like that … More Eternal Tapestry – Beyond The 4th Door (2011)